Working together

In early October I had the fortune of hosting some of the best instructors I know from Brazil, here is Austin. I met them by coincidence while on my trip to Rio for the Olympics. When I met them I knew we were speaking the same language as instructors (even though I do not speak Portuguese, yet). Quickly we organized a course and made it happen. 

I truly believe that in order to be a good teacher I must always remain a student. As an instructor I must keep learning and updating myself on the best tactics and techniques. Marcelo and Andrade really opened my eyes on new skills and tactics that I can transfer to my students. (I don't have the answer to every problem) They are top notch operators and even more so top notch instructors with a wealth of knowledge and experience. 

For this very reason, I have decided to continue developing our relationship and co-operation. I will be traveling to Brazil in December to teach with Andrade and Marcelo a full Urban Combat weekend. Where they will be leading the firearms training and I will be leading the Krav Maga portion, which is my main expertise.  In April of 2017, Marcelo and Andrade will be arriving in Austin for a 4 day VCQB instructor course and a two day Urban combat weekend consisting of Urban Patrol and VCQB. 

As instructors we must continue building relationships with our colleagues locally, nationally and worldwide. These relationship will first and foremost benefit our students, grow our knowledge base and help up grow as instructors. I look forwards to 2017, a whole new year with a lot of knew knowledge to be had. 

Thank you for reading, 

Ron Grobman

Tactical Fitness