Fitness is not a Trend

Being fit equips you for life. However, to be fit, you need to make fitness an integral part of your life. As a trainer, I believe so firmly in the benefits of fitness that they have become a way of life for me. Now my workouts are more of a ritual than a chore. Regardless of the weather or my moods, I train hard, I train often, and I train at a high intensity. To do this regularly means that I get up early, I focus on my diet, and I prioritize sleep even when other tasks are grabbing my attention. Essentially, fitness has become my lifestyle, not just a mere trend.

For many workout enthusiasts, however, fitness is more about outward vanity rather than inward health. This attitude is what gives rise to trends like Crossfit, P90X, paleo diets, and juice cleanses, that promise quick and drastic results with only a short period of dedication. But short and sweet is not the point. While these trends, sure you may look fit for a period, but they are not the path to true fitness.

Fitness should not be a trend but a multi-lateral approach that encompasses many movements, skills, and intensities. The "train all out and get fit fast" approach, although an alluring solution, often times simply produces frustration, injuries, or in some cases no results at all. 

It is no wonder that these fads are largely unsuccessful. No workout that says it will work for everyone is going to be effective; no one is created the same. The problem with trends that advocate a “one size fits all” strategy is that they fail to take into account that each person has a different physiology that requires a specifically tailored programming that is appropriate for their body. As an experienced trainer who has trained thousands of people in Krav Maga, fitness, and firearms over the years, the most important thing I have learned is that every person is different in their abilities and skills, and therefore some exercises that work great for some are not appropriate for others.

Furthermore, due to the constant advertisements for fad workouts, most people are woefully unaware of how to properly design a training program that will benefit them and work towards their long-term fitness. Unsurprisingly, this lack of education creates a vicious cycle where people blindly follow fitness trends with disregard while maintaining an unshakeable faith in their efficacy. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

In the long run, your best bet stay fit, avoid injuries, and perform at the highest level is to educate yourself. Study anatomy, examine human physiology, check out sports science, and observe human body mechanics. Doing so will help you be informed and avoid dangerous trends as well as work towards developing lifelong fitness. 

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Ron Grobman

Founder-Tactical Fitness Austin