What to expect at your first Tactical Fitness firearms and Krav Maga course

Yes, you will run.

Yes, you will run.

This short article will better help you prepare and understand what to expect when attending your first course with me. Trying something new is never easy, let alone a half or full day intensive firearms and Krav Maga course. Though apprehension is normal, you should expect to receive real life practical skills, be pushed to the edge of your physical and mental limit, and receive professionally organized instruction.

My courses have one purpose; prepare you to overcome violence. I teach simple yet practical techniques and tactics that prepare you for this. There is nothing fancy, only reality based training. Courses are organized in a progressive manner where each skill builds on the previous skill. This makes the courses great for any skill level.  Whether, it is the new student who has never thrown a punch to the police officer that wants to brush up on his or her skills.

The skills I teach in my courses are always put the the test, both physically and mentally. Expect to sweat, be out of breath, and be put under a high level of mental stress. You will run, you will do push ups, you will fight, and you will be yelled at. Without these factors, the skills I teach would be useless. However, this is done in a progressive way to insure safety, which is the number one priority in my courses.

Not only learning how to fire the pistol but also how it operates mechanically.

Not only learning how to fire the pistol but also how it operates mechanically.

Everything I teach has a rational behind it.  Each aspect has been carefully selected and evaluated for its practicality and its place in my course. You should expect to know the "why" behind every "how." Students do not only leave my courses with a handful of tactics and techniques but also with an understanding of the reasoning and application behind them.

But don't just take my word for it, see what my students have to say about my courses. Visit my testimonials page or simply type into Google "Tactical Fitness Austin" and look for the reviews on the right side of the page.


Thank you for reading,

Ron Grobman

Founder | Chief Instructor

Tactical Fitness