Daily thoughts: the lazy EDC community / Gear based solutions

I am constantly seeing this phenomena with the EDC (every day carry) community. They will buy every accessory possible for their firearm but will not spend any money on training. It is as if their firearm will magically shoot better with a new trigger and sights. This is similar to buying workout videos to get in shape but never actually working out. Learn to use your firearm as is and then spend your money on items that will give you a slight tactical edge.  

As a society I believe that we have a cultural problem of looking for easy solutions for complex problems. Instead of trying to deal with the problem head on we spend time finding solutions around the problem. "I don't want to train so I will just buy everything I can to compensate for my lack of abilities..."

People that consider self-defense an everyday priority need and MUST train on the tools they carry. Whether it’s dry fire, using their tac-light, or deploying the knife. I personally spend about 10 minutes a day dry firing my firearms and practicing movement with it to stay sharp.

Side note on knives; The only reason why I carry my knife is to open things. There is not enough hours in the day for me to practice Krav Maga, shooting, AND knife fighting, which is a whole art of its own. 

Thank you for reading, 

Ron Grobman

Founder | Chief Instructor 

Tactical Fitness