The Importance of One Handed Training

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Our everyday life is vastly different from when we spend time at the Krav Maga academy. The Krav Maga school is an environment designed to be ideal for learning, training, and safety. Due to the sterile conditions, many aspects of realism are missed. The main missing aspects can be the application of self-defense and fighting techniques using only one hand due to an injury, the situation you are in, or while holding on to something you cannot let go of.

As someone that daily trains in Krav Maga hand-to-hand techniques, injury is commonplace. It's the nature of the beast. Often times the injuries are minor, however, occasionally a broken bone or back sprain occurs. When that injury is on the hand or arm, it completely changes the way I approach training.


For almost every technique I have to make an adaptation for a one handed application. Although it sounds simple while you are reading this, fighting one handed does involve a good amount of thinking and problem solving. For instance, how would I perform a pistol disarm or a knife defense one handed?

Sometimes one handed fighting is required due to the situation at hand (pun intended). For example, take a carjacking situation. Fighting an aggressor inside my vehicle, especially if I am initially in my seatbelt, will neutralize one of my hands to start. As I fight off my attacker with one hand, I may be able to reach the seat belt with the other. Once my body and hands are free, I can continue fighting using regular techniques.

Combat in uneven surfaces also requires extra stability.  For instance, dealing with an attacker on stairs may require me to neutralize one of my hands for balance. This could manifest itself as holding on to a guard rail or leaning on a wall.

TF 2.14.18-17.jpg

When fighting to access a firearm from concealment, you may find yourself fighting with one hand while clearing the shirt and drawing your firearm with the other. Although that firearm may now be in your hand, you may not be able to shoot and may have to retain it. Once again fighting one handed.

Aside from injuries and situational predicaments, everyday life occupies our hands, from walking the dog to holding your child's hand. In these situations, we cannot necessarily let go of our furry friends or little loved one. We may have to hold on to them to keep them out of harm's way while we neutralize the threat.

Now that you are aware of the new considerations of where and how you may have to defend yourself, go to the Krav Maga studio and test out all your techniques one handed.  Start with basic striking and move on to advanced self-defense.

Thank you for reading, 

Ron Grobman

Founder, Tactical Fitness