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Combat Pistol - Anti Carjacking

Combat Pistol - Anti Carjacking Nov. 2
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The Combat Pistol anti-carjacking course will cover the skills needed to defend, fight, and shoot under real life combat and self-defense conditions as pertaining to carjacking situations.

This course is ideal for the individual that concealed carries a pistol and has some firearms and martial arts training.


  • Previous attendance to Combat Pistol Basic & Advanced

  • OR previous training with a reputable company as well as previous martial arts training - please contact us to confirm -


  • Review of shooting fundamentals and Krav Maga

  • Situational awareness

  • Combat mindset

  • Applied ballistic in vehicles

  • Shooting positions in and around vehicles

  • Effective use of vehicle cover

  • Multiple target engagement

  • Moving and shooting around cover and to cover

  • Shooting inside vehicles

  • Immediate action techniques

  • Vehicle counter-ambush techniques

  • Scenario based shooting drills

  • Krav Maga mindset

  • Krav Maga striking

  • applied striking in and around vehicles

  • Basic knife and gun disarms

  • Transitioning from fighting to shooting

  • Anti-carjacking tactics

Course Materials:

  • Semi-auto pistol and holster (no SERPA type holster)

  • 4 magazines minimum and pouch (8 magazines if using a single stacked pistol, Shield, Glock 43, etc)

  • firearms cleaning kit

  • Tactical pants/jeans

  • Closed toed shoes/boots

  • Belt - Klik belts recommended

  • Cap/Hat

  • Long sleeve shirt recommended

  • Face mask/scarf/ bandana (there will be glass dust when shooting in the vehicle

  • rain gear

  • Knee pads (elbow pads optional)

  • Gloves

  • Eye protection/Sunglass

  • Hearing protection - electronic preferred

  • Food and water for a full day of training

  • 350 rounds minimum, NEW AMMO ONLY

  • Tourniquet/IFAK

Location: Private shooting range in Georgetown, TX exact directions will be emailed after registration

Requirements for attendance: 

  • LTC/CHL or reciprocal license is required OR proof of no criminal recored from the police with a valid ID or via sentrylink by clicking here and forwarding us the results. Ages 21+.

Additional info: 

Location: The course will be held at a private facility in Georgetown, TX. Directions will be emailed after registration.

Gear: students are responsible for their own guns, gear, and accessories. If you need to rent equipment please email us at with the exact items that you need. 

Safety Notice: if you are found to be a safety liability during the course you will be asked to leave without refund! 

Cancellation policy: All courses are non-refundable. If you cannot make it to the course for whatever reason you may reschedule to an upcoming course of equal or lessor value up to one week before the course you registered for. You may only reschedule once. Courses are not transferable to other people.

You must provide a License to Carry a handgun/CCW WITH a copy of your drivers license OR a proof of no criminal record with a copy of your drivers license in order to attend the course. Failure to provide the above will exclude you from attending the course WITHOUT REFUND.