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Combat Rifle Fundamentals + Low Light

  • 7802 Dee Gabriel Collins Road Austin, TX, 78744 United States (map)
Combat Rifle Fundamentals + Low Light Oct. 19
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The Combat Rifle course is meant to teach students the fundamentals of rifle shooting. This course will also include a basic module of low light shooting.


This course will be taught by Ron Grobman, Founder and Chief instructor of Tactical Fitness and a former Israeli Special Forces Sniper. Read his bio here.

course curriculum - Fundamentals:

  • Introduction and Safety brief

  • Field stripping

  • Basic prone position

  • Loading and unloading procedures

  • Trigger control and breathe control

  • Use of sights/sight picture

  • Learning to zero the iron sights and optics

  • Zero verification

  • Shooting from Standing position

  • Speed and tactical magazine changes

  • Malfunction clearing- failure to feed/fire, double feed/ stove pipe

  • Movement

  • Shooting from kneeling

  • Summary drills - position transitions, malfunction stages, shooting under stress.

  • Ideal for beginners

Low Light Module:

  • Understanding the use of cover and concealment

  • Use of barricades

  • Fundamentals of room clearing and entry (Limited penetration techniques)

  • Fundamentals of low light and tac-light use.

  • Simulation drills

  • Summary drills under stress

Limited to 12 Participants.

Course Materials: 

  • AR15 with red dot or magnified optic with illuminated reticle. Pistol Caliber Carbines, AKs, Tavors, Scars are also welcome. Suppressors always welcome!

  • 350 rounds of new ammunition minimum - NO GREEN TIP AMMO

  • 500 rounds minimum if you are also staying for low light

  • 4 standard capacity magazines

  • Weapon mounted light with extra batteries - Surefire, Inforce, Streamlight - etc

  • 3 chem stick lights

  • Mag holder/pouch - Click for recommendation.

  • Sling

  • water

  • shoes, belt, cargo style pants, t-shirt, and hat (weather appropriate clothing)

  • bag lunch

  • eye and ear protection

  • Shooting mat (optional)

  • Knee pads

  • Gloves (optional)

  • LTC/CHL or reciprocal license is required OR proof of no criminal recored via sentrylink by clicking here WITH A valid drivels license

Location: Onion Creek Gun Club

7802 Dee Gabriel Collins Rd, Austin, TX

Cancellation policy: 

Cancellation policy: All courses are non-refundable. If you cannot make it to the course for whatever reason you may reschedule to an upcoming course of equal or lessor value ONCE up to one week before the course you registered for. Courses are not transferable to other people.

You must provide a License to Carry a handgun/CCW with a copy of your drivers license OR a proof of no criminal record with a copy of your drivers license in order to attend the course. Failure to provide the above will exclude you from attending the course WITHOUT REFUND.