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Urban Combat Weekend - Combat Shotgun, Urban Tactics, and VCQC

The Urban Combat weekend is a series of three courses covering the following topics:

Day 1 - Friday May 4, 2018 1-5PM: COMBAT SHOTGUN


  • Fundamentals of Shotgun shooting
  • Shotgun manipulation techniques
  • Movement 
  • Various shooting positions 
  • Combat shotgun application drills

Day 2 - Saturday May 5, 2018 9AM- 5PM: URBAN TACTICS  -  the essentials of gunfighting in urban environments.

  • Weapons handling
  • Shooting positions
  • Effective use of cover
  • Multiple target engagement
  • Moving under fire in urban scenarios
  • Scanning techniques
  • Scenario based shooting drills

Day 3 - Sunday May 6, 2018 9AM-5PM: Vehicle Close Quarter Combat* Students must attend Urban Tactics (day two) to participate in VCQC

    • Situational awareness
    • Combat mindset
    • Applied ballistic in vehicles
    • Shooting positions in and around vehicles
    • Effective use of vehicle cover
    • Multiple target engagement
    • Moving and shooting around and to cover
    • Shooting inside vehicles
    • Immediate action techniques
    • Vehicle counter-ambush techniques
    • Scenario based shooting drills

    Course Materials:

    • Semi-auto pistol and holster (no SERPA type holster)
    • 3 magazines minimum and pouch
    • Rifle and sling (optional) *
    • 3 magazines min and pouch (optional) 
    • firearms cleaning kit
    • Plate carrier/Chest rig (optional)
    • Pump or semi-auto shotgun (combat shotgun only)
      • shotgun ammo pouch or strip
    • Tactical pants
    • Closed toed shoes/boots
    • Cap/Hat 
    • Long sleeve shirt recommended 
    • rain gear
    • Knee pads (elbow pads optional) 
    • Gloves
    • Eye protection/Sunglass
    • Hearing protection - electronic preferred
    • Writing material and flash drive
    • Food and water for a full day of training
    • 300 rounds per day (pistol)
    • 300 rounds per day (rifle - optional)*
    • 100 shells total for shotgun -80 rounds 00 Buck(9 pellets) 20 rounds slug
    • Tourniquet 
    • *you will have the option to use either/both a rifle and pistol during the course

    $129 - Day one ONLY - 4 hours Combat Shotgun

    $499 - Day two and Three - Urban Patrol and VCQC only

    $559 - ALL three days - Shotgun, Urban Patrol and VCQC

    Limited to 25 participants per day. Registration deadline April 15.

    Requirements for attendance: 

    • LTC/CHL or reciprocal license is required OR proof of no criminal recored from the police with a valid ID or via sentrylink by clicking here and forwarding us the results.  Ages 21+.

    All booking are non-refundable. 

    Additional info: 

    Location: The course will be held at a private facility in Georgetown, TX. Directions will be emailed after registration.

    Gear: students are responsible for their own guns, gear, and accessories. If you need to rent equipment please email us at with the exact items that you need. 

    Safety Notice: if you are found to be a safety liability during the course you will be asked to leave without refund! 

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