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Handgun Fundamentals

Handgun Fundamentals Course Overview

Discover the essentials of handguns and concealed carry in our Pistols Fundamentals course, tailored for both beginners and those new to concealed carry. Open to all levels, the curriculum covers crucial topics like firearms safety, handgun selection, and loading techniques.

Dive into handgun fundamentals, concealed carry best practices, and defensive shooting drills. Be sure to come equipped with the necessary materials, including a semi-auto center fire pistol, magazines, a suitable holster, closed-toed shoes, pants, belt, and a t-shirt. Don’t forget your ammunition, eye and ear protection, shooting gloves, and water. These hands-on courses provide real-world training to build your confidence in concealed carry. Pre-purchase your gear and ammunition for a dynamic and empowering learning experience.

Handgun Fundamental Courses

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What you will learn in our Handgun Fundamentals courses

  • Firearms Safety
  • Choosing the right handgun
  • Loading and unloading of a handgun
  • Pistol Shooting Fundamentals
    • Stance 
    • Grip 
    • Aiming 
    • Trigger control
  • Concealed carry best practices
  • Reloads 
  • Movement
  • Defensive shooting drills

  • Semi-auto center fire pistol
  • 4 magazines (8 + magazines if single stack firearm, Glock 43, M&P shield, ETC)
  • Outside the waistband or Concealed holster – AIWB Kydex recommended – MUST ATTACH DIRECTLY TO YOUR BELT – no sticky, pocket holsters, leather, or serpa type holsters
  • Closed toed shoes/boots, pants, belt, and t shirt (we recommend wearing clothing you do not mind getting dirty and/or possibly torn)
  • 250 rounds of new ammunition
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Shooting gloves recommended
  • Water
  • Bag lunch/snacks

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