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Krav Maga Fundamentals

Krav Maga Training and Courses in Austin

Our Krav Maga Fundamentals courses are designed for people who are new to Krav Maga.

Become well-versed in what it’s like to learn how to defend yourself with Krav Maga training by Special Forces. Krav Maga is the official self defense system taught by the IDF and our Krav Maga fundamentals training will equip you with real-life techniques. It is based on martial arts best practices and designed to condition your body and mind to survive real life threatening situations.

Krav Maga uses hand to hand combat techniques based on striking, ground fighting, and weapon defenses and disarms. This system is designed to allow any person to effectively defend themselves against an attacker by learning how to aggressively attack the adversaries vulnerable points. In our Krav Maga Fundamentals courses, students can learn everything from the basics to more advanced techniques no matter their skill level.

Train with Tactical Fitness Austin

  • Krav Maga Mindset and Technique
  • Understanding the pre-fight/attach ques and de-escalation techniques
  • Safety briefing and warmup
  • Striking techniques
  • Grappling techniques
  • Introduction to extreme close quarters hand to hand combat and weapon retention
  • Defenses against grabs
  • Introduction to knife defense
  • Defensive drills / culminating exercises

  • Closed toed shoes/boots, pants, belt, and t shirt (we recommend wearing clothing you do not mind getting dirty and/or possibly torn)
  • Groin guard (for men) and mouth guard
  • Water
  • Bag lunch/snacks (please don’t come in an empty stomach, have a LIGHT snack up to 30 mins before session or a good meal up to 3 hours before session)

Krav Maga Fundamentals

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