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Low Light

Low Light Pistol and Rifle Courses

Our Rifle & Pistol Low Light courses are designed to teach students tactics and techniques for engagements in low light conditions with a pistol & rifle.

The course will also cover general low light shooting skills inside and outside the home.

Train with Tactical Fitness Austin

Open to All Skill Levels – basic firearms handling skills highly recommended.

  • Firearms Safety
  • Rifle Shooting tactics for low light
  • Pistol shooting tactics for low light
  • Hand held light techniques
  • Room clearing tactics
  • Considerations for home defense
  • Fundamentals of cover and concealment

Course Materials for Rifle:

  1. AR15/Tavor/AK/ Scar/PCC/Galil with red dot or magnified optic with illuminated reticle. Please come zeroed.
  2. Suppressor (optional – if you have one BRING IT!)
  3. 300 rounds of new ammunition minimum – NO GREEN TIP OR TRACER AMMO
  4. PLEASE DO NOT MIX 300BLK, 5.45, AND 5.56 AMMO.
  5. 4 standard capacity magazines minimum – if you have more bring more – you will need 2 empty mags at the start
  6. Weapon mounted light with extra batteries – Surefire, Inforce, Streamlight – etc
  7. 2 chem stick lights
  8. Mag holder/pouch
  9. Sling
  10. Water
  11. Closed shoes, belt, cargo style pants, t-shirt, and hat (weather appropriate clothing) bring rain gear!
  12. BUG SPRAY – the mosquitos are really bad at the ranch
  13. Bag lunch
  14. Eye and ear protection
  15. Knee pads
  16. Gloves (optional)

Course Materials for pistol:

  1. Semi-auto centerfire pistol WITH night sights or red dot sight
  2. 4 magazines or more (8 minimum if using single stacked mags – Glock 43, M&P shield, etc)
  3. OWB/IWB holster and mag pouches Absolutely no Surpa/uncle mike or stick holsters
  4. 250 rounds of new ammunition minimum
  5. tac-light, handheld flashlight (streamlight/Inforce/Surefire) and or pistol mounted light – extra batteries (although not required we highly recommend having a pistol mounted light for the class that emits at least 300 lumens)
  6. cleaning kit for weapon
  7. IFAK and or Tourniquet optional
  8. Please contact us if you would like to rent a pistol and gear – [email protected]

Low Light Courses

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