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The Ultimate Bachelorette Package


The Ultimate Bachelorette Package

Experience the pinnacle of Bachelorette Party perfection with our unrivalled Ultimate Package. This all-inclusive package goes beyond expectations, offering not only a thrilling aerial shooting experience, training with a variety of firearms, but also delectable catering, professional photography, and more exciting surprises. Enquire now and unlock the secrets of our extraordinary Ultimate Bachelorette Party Package.

What's Included

✅ Shooting from a helicopter

✅ Luxury Catering Options

✅ Guns & Ammo included

✅ Video/Photography

✅ Luxury transportation

✅ Bespoke Merch

The Best Bachelorette Parties in Austin

Look no further for the best Bachelorette Party Austin has to offer. We have some of the most unique and exciting ways to celebrate a bachelorette party.

Our bachelorette party packages feature Krav Maga and firearms training with a variety of options to choose from! From the adrenaline rush of shooting on the range to learning proper gun safety techniques, this is sure to be an unforgettable experience. Firearms training provides a great opportunity to bond with friends in a new and thrilling environment. Whether your group consists of experienced shooters or first–timers, there‘s something for everyone.

Learn to Shoot & Compete with Friends

You can learn how to safely handle different types of firearms and practice target shooting. Tactical Fitness Austin provides instruction in expert firearm handling procedures as well as basic marksmanship skills such as sight alignment and trigger control so that everyone leaves feeling confident about their accuracy.  Don’t worry if anyone needs extra help – our instructors are patient and willing to work with each shooter until they feel comfortable handling their firearm correctly and accurately hitting targets.

Not only does our firearms training provide an amazing experience for your bachelor party guests, it also offers some serious bragging rights afterwards! Everyone will have stories about their time on the range – from friendly competitions between friends to challenging themselves by trying out different tactics and drills – making this one event they won‘t soon forget!

Customize your Experience

If you‘re looking for an activity that will really set your celebration apart from all others, our Bachelorette Parties in Austin is the right choice. It‘s perfect for any size group – whether just a few close friends or large groups – so get ready to make some memories because it promises not to disappoint! Add additional activities or extras to your packages such as extra hours, catering, videography/photography, Krav Maga tuition and more!

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