Professional firearms instruction for beginners to advanced levels with an Israeli Special Forces Sniper. 

Professional Firearms Courses

Tactical Fitness offers single to multi-day courses in the following topics:

  • Active Shooter Response - intervention techniques both armed and unarmed against an active shooter. This course includes both dry and live fire drills along with Krav Maga hand to hand techniques. 

  • Combat Pistol - a course that teaches the skills needed to confidently operate a handgun. Shooting fundamentals, Krav Maga, and stress drills are covered in this course. 

  • Combat Rifle - similar to the Combat Pistol course, this course covers carbine fundamentals, combat mindset, and many live and dry fire drills both with and without stress. 

  • Tavor Operator - this unique course covers all operations of the Tavor/Micro Tavor X95 rifle. From basic field stripping to advanced level Israeli style live fire drills. 
  • Field Trauma Care and Rescue
  • Low Light
  • Krav Maga self-defense
  • License to Carry a Handgun (LTC)  - only offered privately. 

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*Note all courses are available in private group format. 

Private Shooting Lesson
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Private Tactical Firearms Instruction

Learn at your own pace with an elite instructor by your side. Classes cover topics from basic safety, stance, and grip to advanced counter terrorism and active shooter prevention. These classes are ideal for the regular CHL/concealed pistol student or any gun enthusiast. 

Private instruction is available with partner shooting ranges in and around the Metropolitan Austin area. 

CHL/CCW/LTC or proof of no criminal record is required to schedule a class. 

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Group Firearm Training

Whether your interest is in obtaining your License to Carry a Handgun (LTC) or shooting with your friends and a professional instructor, Tactical Fitness has the right program for you! 

Tactical Fitness offers:

  • Regular classes
  • LTC class (License to Carry a Hundgun)
  • Custom seminars on various topics 
  • Corporate team building workshops 
  • Company events

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