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With about a decade of shooting experience under my belt, I knew I had some flaws but thought I was beyond help. After taking one lesson with Ron I now see that there is indeed hope for me. He was very patient with all of his students and the attention he provided as well as his instruction made me feel as if I was getting a private lesson. As a Criminal Justice professional who has been to many trainings of all sorts, Tactical Fitness Austin is amongst the tops and the scary thing is that they are so new and thus their potential is unlimited. I will definitely be taking more classes with Ron and Tactical Fitness Austin in the future!
— Jon E.
When I started doing Krav Maga with Ron I really did not know what to expect. One hour later I was drenched in sweat and loved the fact that I had my heart rate up at a level that it has not been at in years. Not only did Ron teach me valuable skills to defend myself, he also provided a great workout. Over the few months of training I became a lot more comfortable with the idea of defending myself, but I also lost a lot of weight. Not only do I feel a lot better physically I now have the proper mentality due to Krav Maga. I am not only happy to have done Krav Maga, but I am especially happy to have done it with Ron. He found the perfect balance between kicking my ass and making me laugh at the same time. He is dedicated and knows every technique down to a science, while also making repetitive drills fun and exciting. I would highly recommend learning Krav from Ron to anyone who is interested in learning how to defend themselves.
— Cory F.

"We signed my four year old son up for the classes. I am continually impressed with Coach Ron's professionalism and patience with kids of all ages. His teaching style is no-nonsense, but respectful. He also teaches his students patience and discipline.

I can tell you from personal experience that my son it more well-behaved than 98% of his peers... we owe a significant portion of that to Ron. People ask us all the time how we've taught him to be the way he is... we tell everyone we know to sign them up.

I think people may have the wrong idea - Coach Ron doesn't teach kids how to fight, he teaches them about discipline and respect... and teaches them how to defend themselves if they have to.

I wish he'd been around when we were kids... simply excellent instruction. Our daughter will be joining the classes as well, just as soon as she's old enough." 

-Jeffery L.


"Over the years, I have had the privilege to interact with, learn from, and work alongside some of the best military and law enforcement practitioners and self-defense trainers. Yet, Ron stands in a class all his own because he not only holds all the necessary (and impressive) credentials, but also possesses the unique ability to connect his expertise with the individual goals of each student. This smooth transfer of knowledge from trainer to student ensures that each of Ron's students receives the direction necessary to reach their highest potential and get the most out of their investment. Most importantly, Ron operates his courses with a "safety first" mindset - outright refusing to compromise the safety of his students. I highly recommend his course, especially the active shooter response course, for those who are armed in their work or personal life."

-Ronald J.


"I can not emphasize enough on how great the "Pistol basics and fundamentals" courses were. Not only will Ron will teach you on gun safety and gun handling; his courses are logical with the sole purpose of making you become a better and a safer gun owner. I can't wait for the next level course.
Stellar instructor!

If you own a gun or plan to own one, take a Tactical Fitness class, you won't regret it."

-Mo B.

Im a 51 year-old woman, I’ve always wanted to take effective self defense classes but couldn’t decide what type. Then I took a weapon’s retention class with Ron back in January 2016. This class highlighted the need to learn some real, unarmed self defense so I signed up for an introductory class and then bought a 10 class Krav Maga pack. I couldn’t be happier and I wish I could take more than one class a week! I will continue to take classes as I’m able so I’m better at reacting to an attack. I’ve also taken one of Ron’s 8 hour handgun classes, top notch training and immediate results after clear explanation of what I was doing wrong. This month? I’m signing up for 3 private handgun classes. Thank you Ron Grobman of Tactical Fitness Austin for everything you have taught me.
— Diana R.
I was preparing for my next military deployment to an austere unknown environment and had serious concerns this time about where I would find myself so I began to research self defense techniques and dojos. After going to a few I decided on Krav Maga as the style and asked for the best private instructor the gym recommended. I was introduced to Ron. He looks very young for his level of experience and knowledge but I am incredibly grateful for his time, patience and no nonsense common sense teaching style. I’ll be overseas in even more austere conditions than I’d initially expected but am confident that thanks to Ron’s instruction I can hold my own. Thank you so much Ron. I will be back in touch when I head back and plan to continue with further instruction not only on Krav Maga but also the handgun and rifle.
— Alba M.
As a business consultant and leadership coach, I’ve been a long term student of instruction. When I attended my first Tactical Fitness Austin course and met owner Ron Grobman I knew immediately he was a cut above previous instructors I’ve trained with.

Since that first class, I’ve worked with Ron in both group and private lessons and my first impression has been firmly solidified with top notch instruction, knowledge and skills.

In today’s world there are many who hold themselves out as a firearms instructors. Ron Grobman takes this to a whole new level. Whether you’re a new owner of a firearm and LTC in Texas or a more experienced shooter, like myself, you will benefit from working with him. Focusing on a set of core fundamentals and essential/practical skills, you will benefit from his proven system.

In fact, having previously been trained by several instructors, I can say definitively that I’ve improved my shooting skills more with Ron than with any other instructor or course.

I could not recommend his courses more highly. You will not regret your time and investment.
— Kevin C.

"I took a Tactical Concealment Course at Tactical Fitness Austin and I can say it was the best money I’ve ever spent on anything firearms related. I learned so much and Ron is such a good instructor that what skills I already had were greatly refined in a short period of time. (See pic) The circle in the upper right of the pic is before Ron’s instruction. The diamond in the upper left of the pic is after less than 5 minutes of Ron’s instruction!

I learned that my grip needed a lot of work this is because Ron gives individual attention to each person in the class along with tips on how to improve when appropriate. For example, during the class when we had already moved on to learning new techniques Ron would catch me not correctly gripping my Glock and quickly correct me each time. There were times when I could fix my grip myself but when I couldn’t Ron would actually move my hands to where they should be and then make me do it myself a few times to make sure I got it down. I found this to be very valuable because it forced me to improve.

I never felt bad if I wasn’t doing as good as other people in the class, or doing things as fast as others either. Ron has a focus on safety above all else. The focus was on safety, technique/accuracy and then on speed. I wasn’t the worst in the class but I wasn’t the best either.

When someone in the class was really struggling with their accuracy Ron gave him a lot of attention and instruction to get him up to speed with the rest of the class, while at the same time Ron was still able to keep giving everyone else in the class tips and instructions to continue to refine the skills we were taught. Once that individual was up to speed Ron had us move on to the next technique.

Despite this extra attention given to one individual Ron still had good pacing for the class, he didn’t spend too long or too little on any technique so that he could teach us as much as he could during the allotted time for the class. This combined with the individual attention made me feel like I was really getting my money’s worth.

Needless to say I was so impressed I quickly signed up for another class! If you’re asking yourself, “Should I take a class?” The answer is yes just do it. If you’re asking yourself, “Should I take a class or put that money towards another gun?” The answer is just take the class. The skills you learn in a class can be used with any gun you already own or will own in the future. You won’t regret it."

-Samuel G

If you are seeking a firearm instructor that will work with you by challenging you mentally with every possible scenario, preparing you for a split second decision that will impact you for the rest of your life then Ron is the instructor for you.

Ron is an excellent trainer, not only is he incredibly skilled and knowledgeable, he is also very down to earth and fun. Ron knows whats he’s doing, and he does it well. He is tough on you, and makes you sweat, but its worth it. He is the right amount of push and pull!

I worked with Ron individually, but I observed him working with a group of people too and he was really good at organizing and challenging them as a team and each person independently.

Highest recommendation.
— Tatiana B.
I have been training with Ron for just two months and have already seen vast improvements with my comfortability in shooting. With the private instruction I am able to progress much faster than I ever would going to a range by myself because in my experience I am the worst teacher for myself with skill based learning. Ron has been very encouraging, helpful but also pushes you to do better and break through your comfort zone. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is learning how to shoot or who has never received one-on-one training with someone as highly skilled as Ron is. It’s been great and I look forward to continually learn more.
— Ethan P.

"Took the Combat Pistol class with Ron and cannot recommend his classes and instruction more. I learned so much and became so much more confident in my ability to defend myself in tough situations. His instruction is clear and concise and he gets you up to speed quickly. Great class and great instructor. Looking forward to future classes with him."

- Michael W.


"I cannot say enough good things about Ron's skills, knowledge and his teaching. His methodology is structured and solid; everything is well thought out and ensures solid fundamentals and a high level of proficiency. His focus on safety is paramount and guarantees a safe environment for learning. I’ve attended many courses over the past year with Ron and his company - Krav Maga and a variety of beginning and advanced firearms training courses. I’ve come away from each course considerably more proficient every time. My children have been taking his group Krav Maga classes for almost a year and are thriving in his class. Their confidence has grown and they can’t wait for each class. Ron and Tactical Fitness are the real deal. Whether you are looking for children’s classes, firearms training (beginning or advanced), or self-defense you will not be disappointed. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."

- Gary W.